About us - JibFlex is efficiency and safety hand in hand.

Our Company

JibFlex is developed and patented by SubC Partner, a leading Danish provider of constructions site projects to the European offshore wind and energy industry. As of 2016 JibFlex is a separate division of SubC Partner.
The JibFlex was built with safety in mind, and is one of the most safe flexible jib arms on the market.

Our Story

The JibFlex introduces wind turbine safety with the flexible jib arm

The JibFlex is an innovative and patented solution that provides possibilities not available before with conventional lifting beams or davit cranes. It also introduces high safety levels giving handlers a more safe environment.

The JibFlex was born at sea. We needed a highly flexible lifting device for our construction to perform conventional lift operations at offshore wind farms and oil rigs. In many of the applications the space is limited and the structures are often an obstruction. We needed a jib arm that could do the job were other cranes gave up. The purpose was to handle objects with less manual handling and less risk of injury. The new flexible jib arm offers safety for the workers.

Made to last

Invented in the offshore industry, the JibFlex is of course highly durable and resistant to wear and tear in highly aggressive environments.

Our Mission

Often, lifts with conventional crane equipment are obstructed by the structures in the application where lifts are necessary. With its unique features, JibFlex enables both vertical and horizontal displacement of payloads where otherwise manual intervention is the only alternative, thus offering improved efficiency in a safer working environment to all customers and users.

Assembly and disassembly
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Why JibFlex?

The JibFlex is ideal for complicated lifting operations.
It moves around corners and obstacles, where no ordinary jib arm can work, thus reducing the need for manual handling.

Here is why we call it JibFlex:

  • It moves loads around corners
  • It operates freely in any direction
  • It can be wrapped around itself when not in use