About us - JibFlex is efficiency and safety.

Our Company

JibFlex was developed and patented by SubC Partner in 2016, an international supplier of services and products to the offshore wind and energy industry. SubC’s aim is to offer the most innovative, flexible, and cost-effective solutions to lower the price of energy. 

As of 2023, JibFlex is a legal entity of its own. 

JibFlex improves lifting operations where no conventional lifting beam or davit crane can operate in a confined space or where the structures are an obstruction. 

JibFlex is designed for both the offshore industry and for all types of onshore companies in all kinds of industries.

Our Story

The JibFlex story started with an offshore project. It all started with welding brackets of 150 kg. These needed to be transported from a vessel onto the platform of a wind turbine. 

From there, the brackets had to go through a 66 cm wide door in the tower and be lowered down a hatch. Here, the brackets should be positioned so the welders could do their job. 


Several conventional cranes and crane alternatives were considered for the job, but none of the existing solutions could do the job.


This led to the idea of the JibFlex – a tool that can perform all the lifting procedures in one single operation, that is, moving the brackets from the vessel onto the platform and thence through the door in the tower of the wind turbine and down a hatch. 


Made to last

Invented in the offshore industry, the JibFlex is of course highly durable and resistant to wear and tear in highly aggressive environments.

Our Mission

Often, lifts with conventional crane equipment are obstructed by the structures in the application where lifts are necessary. With its unique design, JibFlex enables both vertical and horizontal displacement of payloads where otherwise manual intervention is the only alternative, thus offering improved efficiency in a safer working environment.

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Why JibFlex?

The JibFlex is ideal for complicated lifting operations.
It moves around corners and obstacles, where no ordinary jib arm can work, thus reducing the need for manual handling.

Here is why we call it JibFlex:

  • It moves loads around corners
  • It operates freely in any direction
  • It can be wrapped around itself when not in use